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Understanding that the terms ‘commercial’ and ‘artistic’ need not be mutually exclusive, the Commedia Collective brings together an international group of young freelance professionals within the film industry who share the belief that the only way to develop is to challenge the status quo.


With a strong desire to create unique content be it factual or fictional, the collective assembles teams drawn from those who see the most potential in a given project, recognising that in a rapidly changing world, establishing a unique identity is what is always at the heart of any great project – or for that matter, its team.


Our members have experience in a wealth of different fields, from feature film production to social media campaigns.

If you are interested in working with us and developing your concept into something with a real-world impact,

please feel free to contact us here or via email.

Thank you for taking an interest in our work.

- The Commedia Collective



Alex Wilks
Producer / Director
The founder of Commedia, Alex is a keen documentarist and writer who has experience making long-form documentaries, music video production and photography.
He has a passion for stories with a social message and those with strong cultural roots.
Alex's portfolio here
Silvia Scifo
Graphic Designer
Ryan Williams
Michael Hammond

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